Thursday, 9 March 2017









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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


I often wonder to myself as I get older, can the wool really be well and truly pulled over my eyes, or do some people think I was just born and know absolutely nothing about nothing?
I walked into my local garage the other day, I was at the vets with my pet dog, he was getting a manicure, well I have glamourized it a wee bit, he was getting his claws cut, I did it once years ago to my little dog and went too far, the blood was coming from everywhere, so imagine how painful that must have been? anyway I have never done it myself since, much to the happiness of my wee dog Caesar.
Anyway I am digressing, I decided to get my car washed, lazy git I hear you say, well yes, the days of filling up buckets and rinsing the car went with the novelty of buying probably the newest car I have ever owned and that is over 10 years old lol.
I stopped into my local shop (and were I work) to get some bits and pieces, then after greetings from Caesar as if I had been gone for weeks, I decided to drive to the garage, around 400 yards from the shop.
I drove in and happy looking parked my car near the car wash, and thought to myself, cool, its open.
I then went in to get a ticket to start the procedure, only to be met with a sarky Arab guy with broken English and a smug smile on his face.
I asked him for a car wash ticket, and was rudely stopped in my tracks to be told "it isnt working" but you can wash it yourself???
wash it myself? if I was going to do that I would have left it at home and done the biz? 
Whether its a pressure washer or not and the fact you still pay the same price for what I consider a better job by the machine, I wasnt having it.
To let you know, this has been a thorn in my side for almost 2 years, I have contacted customer services for the company concerned, got a nice reply, and was assured the car wash would be up and running in a few days? well yeah, it was, the emphasis is on the few days thats how long it lasted lol.
I again wrote to the company as I feel this isnt good enough, I am a member of this company, meaning I get points, so if I cannot get my car washed I go elsewhere to get my fuel, makes sense?
I will let you all know the outcome, its me against a Giant Company, who cannot even afford to get decent equipment, this is indicative of today, no one gives a feck about Customers. 
Well except me.

Saturday, 4 March 2017


I am sorry its been a few Years since I updated this blog, sometimes you just lose interest and to be honest folks I did, until now, I am refreshed and raring to get back into things again.
I thank each and every one of you who came to read my rants, as I say in the description its just me ranting and I am sure you have different views as thankfully we are ALL entitled to our opinions.

Today my rant is about the Mental Health system and lack of resources due to Government cut backs to a vital service in this day and age.

I have suffered from mental Health issues since I was sixteen, probably before that, but who knows.
At first I tried to fight it with a positive attitude, being outdoors always lifted my mood, and in the 60's and 70's there wasn't much else to do lol.

I will continue this story at a later date, but I wanted you all to know I am back..

Thanks a lot folks for the interest in my blogs, if you or someone you know suffers from mental health issues please join my forum, everyone is welcome, I have started the forum with my story, enjoy lol.



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Thursday, 7 March 2013


After having waved the flag for Windows 8 I was unimpressed when it came to doing a refresh.
The options are clear, you can either refresh and save your files or go for a clean refresh which takes all the unwanted files out of your hard drive and makes it clean.
I started this process with advice from many sites who advise you to do a re install after you buy a new laptop to take away all the unwanted rubbish associated with a new Laptop or PC.
The mere click of a button can now re install your windows platform, gone are the days of putting in a windows CD to re-install  gone are the days of sectioning off your hard drive to re install windows its a darn sight easier these days, however they fail to tell you just how long the refresh takes.
I started the process at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and by 10 pm at night it was still only around 30 percent, the refresh was taking at least an hour every 6 percent I was looking at the early hours of the morning before it would be complete.
I went to various sites AFTER  I started the process which was a BIG mistake, as per usual I jumped in with two feet without researching the process first . If I had known it was gonna take up to 48 hours to complete I would not have bothered.

I stayed up later than normal hoping it would complete quicker than the advised times indicated by other users, alas it took nearly 9 hours to complete, I swore after that I would never do this again unless I was forced to.

So a warning to other users of Windows 8 who fancy doing a clean install, be aware that this can take up to 48 hours to complete, which is ridiculous in this day and age.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013


I recently bought a new laptop and was dreading a new windows platform, having being used to Vista for a few years I found it did exactly what was required and was a pretty stable system.
I probably never used the features to full capacity as lets face it who knows everything about Windows, Microsoft tell you the basics but never the tweaks, that you have to learn from websites or software.

Windows Vista served its purpose as did xp,windows 95, 98 so on so on. Each new platform of Windows had its own uses and flaws,

Of the three Years I was running Vista I enjoyed the many things you could do with it especially when it came to music, pictures etc, it was made easy by windows in my view.

After glaring at my new laptop for a few mins before ripping the box open like a school child excited to see what was inside I was pleasantly surprised.

Opening the new laptop I was a bit dubious as to what to expect, when I opened the lid I was pleasantly surprised by the speed in which it loaded. The new windows took about 5 mins to load my personal settings and then boot up to the home screen were you are greeted with a nice picture before proceeding to the log in page.

After all the Security had loaded, the pre installed software came alive I was presented by an apps screen,
within 10 minutes or so I was able to set up my mail, and  get onto my social sites at the press of a button.

I give this platform a huge thumbs up as the more you operate it the easier it gets, the smooth interface is simply brilliant as are the opportunities to work with apps and there are thousands of them and better still they are free.

I personally think this is the best operating system so far by Microsoft ,gone are the lengthy boot ups and gone are the long shut downs, it is now a mere touch of a button to close windows in seconds.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012


If like myself you are a Blogger you will have noticed lately that Blogs will NOT load in Internet explorer, it tends to crash the browser causing it to re start.
Internet explorer has always had issues and you would think that in the latest update (IE9) all issues would have been "ironed out" alas no.
Being a Blogger I depend on visitors to read my work, however readers are being put off because the blog does not load and in some cases it causes the readers pc to crash which is a major put off.
I have trailed the internet to try and get a solution for this bloody nuisance, all websites point to the same solution which is to ditch Microsoft Internet Explorer for a more stable Browser for example Chrome or firefox.
Thousands of Bloggers have written to google to try and get a solution but like many organisations they take forever to answer the queries.
I even went as far as to uninstall IE9 and step back to IE8 but it was exactly the same.
If indeed you have tried to access my blogs on Internet Explorer I can only apologize  for the inconvenience and hope that it is resolved soon.
In the meantime you can still access the blogs via chrome, firefox or safari until there is a fix.
Your visits are very important to me and I suppose the millions of bloggers as well.

Thanks for reading.

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Sunday, 8 July 2012


The scene is set, the court is looking good, everyone is ready for the match of the year, between Britain's number one Andy Murray and Switzerland's Roger Federer.
The whole of the United Kingdom awaits with baited breath as Andy trys to win his first ever Wimbledon championship and the first player in over seventy years to win it for Britain.
The match started off well as Andy won the first set, it appeared he was in full fitness as he scarpered to get every opportunity given to him by his opponent Federer.
After half an hour into the match the dreaded rain started to fall, stopping the game, when Andy was playing at his best.
The referee decided to cover the court and everyone awaited the outcome, whether the roof would be closed or not.
This was a golden opportunity for Federer as he looked tired after only one set played,  Murray was on a roll, and looked good.
After Federer won the second set it was all downhill from there for Murray, Federer played his usual sophisticated match play, slowly but sure Murray was falling behind and eventually lost the final.
I am a firm believer that if the rain break had not happened Murray may have won the match, but like everything else its all ifs and buts.
In a tearful speech Murray indicated he tried his best, and indeed he did, however he was up against an experienced Federer who was undoubtedly the better man of the day.

Well done Murray you did your country proud,  perhaps one day you will take away the trophy at Wimbledon.

At least you were in the final, first British player in a lot of years.

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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I remember the Monkees back in the early to late sixties, it was a tradition during school holidays to watch kids tv, and among many of my favs was the side splitting show featuring the Monkees.
The passing away of Davy Jones reminded me of just how good the group were, their songs were famous and the slapstick funny.
He also appeared in a British soap, famously called Coronation Street.
At the tender age of 66 it is sad that he passed away but he leaves a legacy that he entertained millions of kids back in the day, when life was more simple and kids were easily amused.

Have a great time upstairs Davy, were I am sure you will entertain everyone, you will be greatly missed.

Fav songs  I'm a believer and day dream believer.


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Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Once again, as if it couldn't get any worse, we are subjected to yet another Celebrity who thinks he is above the law.
Celebrities would not be who they are or have the status they have without the public, to me they make too much money for little effort and 9 times of of ten they make a complete ass of themselves in the process of their career, sometimes its about drugs, their personal life, or just a way to elevate themselves when work is drying up.
When a member of the public commits a crime they are shat on from a great height which usually ends up with jail or a heavy fine, but when a celebrity breaks the law its viewed as a "mistake" and when they apologise thats usually enough for them to stay out of court.
I would understand if this happened once, as we all make mistakes, afterall we are only human but to commit the same crime 4 or 5 times and expect the World to forgive you then your a bigger fool than you know.

After getting caught, stealing anything you would think the shame would be enough but now it is being viewed as a big joke on all the social platforms including twitter, the jokes are flying around but nobody seems to care  that there was a crime committed and what the implications are.Celebrities are high profile, people look to them as an example on how to behave, so if a fan decides to do as their idol does then the prisons would be overflowing with criminals.

Personally I fee the person involved should have been jailed for committing the same crime 4 times as many ordinary punters would have, however we are living in a crazy World and here in the UK, it has been viewed as a laugh rather than breaking the law.

It just goes to show that if you have money and influence, then you can break the law, but if you are poor and commit the same crime, then expect the full penalty of the law.

Now that's what I call Justice, not.

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Sunday, 6 November 2011


As the heat is turned on, this Year is proving a good one for the x-factor, it seems the talent is there, but the Great British Public seem to be getting it wrong, week by week the talent is getting voted out, while some are staying in, not because they are talented, but because they have reputations which seems to be enthralling the viewers.
Personally I feel young folks Today are given a hard time as it is, and yet watching one of the Younger contestants on the show you wonder why, heavy drinking, brawls, and womanising in the middle of a competition only gives the media all the limelight, and to me it starts to turn crazy.
A couple of this Years contestants are utterly abysmal, they have no talent whatsoever and yet get voted in weekly by the Public?
The whole point of this show is to find the next "recording artist" following in the paths of  JLS and suchlike, they did not win the xfactor but had more success than the actual winner last Year, clean living lads who respected the Public by applying themselves each week , working hard and deserving their fame.
This Year we have had endless pages of bad press covering one of the contestants, accusations of bullying amongst the contestants and ever more bickering of the so called Mentors.
Every year this show gathers a lot of controversy but amongst other things that's what makes it appealing.
We need to remember this is a "talent show" not a boxing match and at the end of the day the guys who work hard and apply themselves should win the x-factor and not the wasters who know they have no chance in hell winning.
The artist of the week as far as I was concerned was" Marcus", he is talented, and able to be flexible with whatever song he is asked to sing, personally if he does not win the x-factor then there is something far wrong.
Its a programme designed to get you going , cheering on your favourite, but so far the good ones are getting kicked out, whilst the chaff remain.
I watched the American version of the x-factor this week, the atmosphere isnt the same, the sound is awful so we should cherish the brilliant version we have in the UK..

 what's your views?

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Saturday, 22 October 2011


picture courtesy of

I watched Panorama the other night, it was about Child Beggars in London, basically children, some under five, physically stopping adults in the street begging for money, under the close scrutiny of an adult almost always a woman.
I was disgusted as this documentary unfolded, children begging for over eight hours a day, stopping people at cash points  visiting Mosques putting themselves in danger by approaching pure strangers for money, then on camera handing it over to the mentors looking after them, the adults themselves were also begging.
What horrified me even more was the fact that they were gathering their ill gotten gains, getting flights back to Romania then returning to their MANSIONS, yes mansions, some of the houses were so big you could house three families at a time.
The reporter cleverly filmed the antics of these people and even visited Romania to see were all the money being collected was going, what a shock to find they were well off people with large BMW.s as well as large houses.
It appears there were lots of raids, an operation the Police had worked on for a few years, many adults were arrested, they scooped millions of pounds in fraudulent benefit claims as well.
I was more surprised at the British public being taken in by the child beggars daily handing over a few pounds here and there to support the very rich back in Romania.
The females dressed in middle Eastern costume and dressed the kids in similar attire to gain money from the Eastern people who always have a charitable attitude towards the less well off , in other words they look after their own, they never questioned the fact that the beggars adult and child were Romanian and not Middle Eastern.
I thought it was against the law in this Country to beg on the streets but apparently these people get away with it and continue to fleece the General Public.
The mere fact that it is child exploitation does not seem to matter to the authorities, even when they are stopped they are let go to do the very same thing the next day.
What is happening in this Country, when ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet, these adult beggars use children to take hard earned cash from us, it is absolutely shocking.
The film also went on to show the viewers that the adult beggars lived in good size houses with expensive cars parked outside, which kicks the ass of the hard pushed worker born and bred in the UK who gets no help from anyone and just has to get on with it.
Britain you need to get a grip it is coming up to the festive season, people do not want intimidated whilst shopping and most importantly if you are in London BEWARE.

What do you think of this affair?

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Friday, 7 October 2011


Summer is over, the heat has left the sun, darkness is falling earlier and earlier in the UK, soon the clocks will be going back making it all the more darker. The temperature has fallen significantly after a few weeks of wonderful warm weather.
So what is this to do with anything you ask? well the Greedy Utility companies have struck again by putting up the cost of gas and electricity just at a time when winter peeks its nose in the door.
The cost of Gas and Electricity in this Country is appalling, for many years the upward trend has been a high percentage of hikes in fuel and the British people have suffered under the cosh of greedy fat cats who get more bonuses thanks to the yearly increases, it would not be so bad if the increases were small but they are always over 10 percent each year, sadly salaries do not match the increases which makes an average working family a lot worse of every time it goes up.
Pensioners are the worse hit, they are scared to put on heating in case they get heavy bills which are all too real these days, they tend to cower over one bar electric fires rather than heat up their homes with proper heating, it is no wonder many old folks die of Hypothermia.
I realise most pensioners get some help from the Government with their heating bills annually but it does not cover a quarter of their high winter fuel bills.
It is not only pensioners who suffer, low paid families struggling to buy food let alone spend hundreds on fuel bills also fail to survive.
It is about time this present Government stepped in and capped the cost of rises in fuel and gave the fat cats a kick up the ass for screwing the British people.
It is a well known fact only the wealthy survive in this Country and the poor get stuffed and sadly it looks like this will always be the case.

How do you feel about rising fuel costs?

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Monday, 26 September 2011


I watched the final auditions on Saturday and Sunday and could not believe the people who made it through and the talent let go in a mad decision by the judges.
Every year is the same no matter who is judging the competition, the talent gets the boot and the ultimate numpties get through knowing full well they will never get through in the judges houses.
I watched a lot of singers being told they were not "good enough" yes perhaps they went a bit OTT when performing at Wembley, but the judges did say "stand out" be different and that will stand you in good stead to progress, and it turned out to be utter bullshit.
No offence to the over 20's but why the heck did that woman sprawled all over the piano in her audition ever get through it amazes me, as well as the camp guy who sounded like a squashed mouse in a mangle on his audition. Were the judges on this Planet?
We all know that there is as much chance of Hell freezing over than these people actually reaching the live shows, however they got their place through decent talent getting the boot, why not take all the potential talent through and making it easier to choose the top 12 when the time comes?
The other thing that got my goat this weekend is the childish remarks from the so called mentors who quite clearly said if they did not get the category they wanted they would walk? and yes it as no major surprise to learn they DID get what they wanted!
Do these people not think before they open their gob, and more importantly realise if it was not for us, the General public, x-factor would not exist?
I watched the American version of the x-factor and found it enjoyable, I think because Cowell is in it it makes better viewing, the biggest laugh of the night was when a guy stripped off ,showed his tackle which made one of the judges physically sick to the point she had to leave the stage, Cowell thought it a bit OTT as he usually does but wow she was offended, but hey thats America.. lol.
I can't help to think that Mr Cowell would not have chosen half the folks put through on the UK version if he had been there, but as he is just raking in the milions for the show, would he really care?
It seems British tv is being dominated by the X-Factor most of the week and it is interesting to compare the two.
No expense is ever spared for the lavish backdrops for the judges houses, and while we live in a very tight economy it is interesting to see money is no object for entertainment.

What are YOUR views?

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Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Well here we are into week two of the x-factor. The judges seem to be in a World of their own as usual as thousands of potential candidates hit the stage in Liverpool.
I do prefer the live auditions in front of an audience as their reaction is usually far more accurate than the four in front of the "victim" coming on to the stage,I say victim because many of the people who think they can sing and cannot are destroyed in front of the dynamic four, and I agree there were some twats who for some strange reason, in their own World think they have talent until they open their mouth and empty the building.
My fav of the night was the group called "keys" what a great bunch of singers they turned out to be as they played accapello in front of a few thousand onlookers and the judges.
The guy who sang the Eta James song was pretty good, however not likely to get past the second round, well who knows in this competition judging by last years entries he may win lol.
So there is a feud between Olly Murs and Barlow, seemingly Murs said in public that Barlow was never going to be Simon Cowell? he took offence at this and classed it as being disrespectful, erm judges you need to get over yourselves and concentrate on finding a top notch singer, then realise it is not all about YOU.
I will continue watching the x-factor even although I said I wouldn't but being my fav reality show its impossible not to.

What's your opinion about the current judges?

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Sunday, 21 August 2011


Here we go, all set for another Years worth of X-FACTOR, I was working this evening so I taped the show and watched it when I got home.
I swore I wasn't going to watch the auditions as they always seem to show either the most awful auditions or the very best, there never seems to be any in between.
I do admit I missed the usual gang of Judges, Cowell and Cole were noticeably missed as the new judges made their mark.
I wasn't too impressed with Gary Barlow, whether he was just trying to make an early name for himself, thinking possibly he could take over from were Cowell left, or maybe he thought every audition should be as talented as him, nothing like lighting your own candle it seems.
I always cringe with these so called stars who only made the big time because of the fans, but need reminding now and again that as popular as they are today they can become just as unpopular tomorrow, plus they have to remember they are dealing with peoples lives and although many of the auditions are crap, they need to learn a wee bit diplomacy when dealing with the General Public.
The act who stood out tonight for me was the wee Irish girl who had a voice like an angel, thankfully the judges saw that too, she received a unanimous YES.
The biggest laugh was the Chinese lady who sang and danced like Tina Turner, she amused everyone except Barlow and got through much to his disgust.
I feel this .years X-FACTOR will be a good laugh and so far so good, just as long as they do not forget its the viewing public who decide and not them.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011



I was delighted, no ecstatic, to learn today that a backbencher for the Tories UK Government asked for a bill to be put through to STOP, circuses using wild animals to entertain the public.
A young ordinary working class backbencher plucked up the courage to raise this issue, an issue that has got my craw for many years.
We all have experience of the Circus, the big top that entertains millions of us when they come to Town, but what of the poor wild animals who are kept in small cages, deteriorating, becoming tamed, its just not right, and we only have ourselves to blame.
What wrong with having a Circus like for example the Chinese Circus, who specialise in acrobats and lots of cool stuff, they do not use wild animals to entertain us, and yet, they attract millions of keen audiences ,Worldwide.
I often picture a human being locked up in a cage so small all they can do is lie down in it, never getting any decent exercise except when they are in the "ring" it would be classed as human cruelty, so why should it be different for a poor animal, dragged from the wild just to entertain a group of people, shame on us.
The Circus has often had bad publicity, visits from the R.S.P.C.A , fined for cruelty to animals and yet was still allowed to continue like a bad supermarket selling out of date products.
I salute the guy who motioned this ancient ritual of animal cruelty, and look forward to the day when animals are completely banned from entertaining a bunch of faces in a crowd.

I also agree on animals being taken from zoo's placed in a nature reserve and left to enjoy the rest of their lives in peace, gone are the days of humanity getting its "own way" people are now more empathetic to the cause.

What are YOUR views on Circus animals and zoos?

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Sunday, 12 June 2011


He has entertained us for many years, a stalwart in entertainment,an icon to many people who have grown up with him, and at last, he has been justly rewarded by an OBE.
After countless petitions on the internet and even in the House of Commons he finally got his just dessert.
Bruce Forsyth has made us laugh for over 60 years with his catch phrases, audience participation and good clean family fun.
The best shows I remember him in were off course the Generation game and Play your cards right, but off course he was in many more.
Bruce never needed to be blue in his act and always found time for his contestants and audience in all his shows, yes he would sometimes poke fun at them, but always in a nice way.
I feel he deserves this accolade and I wish him all the very best, he still makes millions laugh even though he admits he is getting on in years, but if someone can dance as well as he does at his age, then hats off to a great man, who has at last got his own Brucie bonus.

Congratulations Sir Bruce Forsyth.

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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


You have to laugh until you cry, not with some news that made you smile but at news that our present Government have talked about, allowing criminals the right to lesser sentences if they plead guilty? now I know this Country is going mad.
For them to even think about the above is madness let alone putting it into practice?
The whole point of the Law is surely to make an example of the person guilty, off course if proven guilty by the courts, can you imagine a mass murderer getting two years instead of life (15 years) because he pleaded guilty in the first instance? you would call that insanity not madness.
I agree with lesser serious crimes getting lesser sentences because it costs an arm and a leg to put it through courts and naturally that would save some of the tax payers hard earned cash, but for more serious crimes it should be left alone and the maximum sentence given.
It is just another boob this present Government has made even by saying it they are still accountable to the voting Public and should listen to them, after all they voted them in, sadly.
This Country is losing it, whatever will be next?
lets just wait and see..

what are your views? do you agree or disagree?

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Saturday, 21 May 2011


Having watched "question time " last night I must say I was surprised, it was filmed at Wormwood Scrubs a Prison in England, the audience consisted of Prison staff, prisoners and all kinds of professionals associated with a prison.

Much of the debate centred on Ken Clarke's gaff when he said in error,"quote"  that people convicted of rape should get lighter sentences,he tried in vain several times to convince all the audience it was a slip of the tongue, however those who know how politicians think, know he was probably speaking through his ass as usual.
I admired one of the panellists on question time who said it how it is, she did not crack over facts and in no uncertain terms she let everyone know how she felt, that's how it should be, off course it did not go down well with the audience, however that's tough as sometimes you have to speak plain in order to be listened to.

The main reason for this rant is, that for some weird reason Prisoners think they should be allowed to vote whilst incarcerated , that's like saying people who do not live in this Country should be allowed to vote, well it is a tad different, they have not killed, robbed or kidnapped innocent people.

I think its ludicrous to expect the right to vote after you have committed a crime? were do these do gooders get off even suggesting such an idiotic idea, the whole point of punishment is that you lose ALL rights whilst under sentence and should only be allowed to vote when and if you demonstrate that you have came back to society rehabilitated.

This Country is going mad, next we will be inviting dictators to take up residence here when they get shoved out of their own countries for atrocities, get a grip UK, be real.

What are your views? do you think prisoners should be allowed to vote?

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Sunday, 15 May 2011


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I am not a fan of the Euro- vision song contest but I like to see my Country doing well, I just got home from work to witness the scoring. This year the ceremony was in Germany, well hosted with a lavish setting it was a spectacular event, however its a bit of a joke when it comes to scoring, each Country voting for its neighbouring Country too scared to vote for the best song regardless of how well it was accepted on the night.
It always makes me laugh, they say the Euro-vision song contest is not political and yet every year without fail politics rears its ugly head in what should be a celebration of a United Europe.
We are all aware Britain is not the most popular Country in the EU, for many reasons, but the one that stands out like a sore thumb is our Politics, and probably the fact we always seem to be Soldiering the Countries oppressed by either dictators or worse.
As a British citizen if it was up to me I would pull all of our troops out of the Countries we help and let them get on with it, let them all fight amongst each other till there is no one or nothing left, Britian gets its thanks in one, when trying to hep these Countries, it is left despised by the very people it tries to help.
They say the Euro-vision song contest is fair, lmao, the only people that call it fair are the same people who vote politically.
It is time everyone realized that it is not the people of Britain who make decisions its the Government, they are the body who should be getting the flack not the citizens.
Congrats to Ireland who did very well, Jedwood are as talented as my left foot, but it proved tonight that you do not have to be talented to enter the euro-vision song contest you just have to be mad.
Britain scored ten times the amount they scored in previous years so I guess thats a bonus, but dont get the champagne out just yet hell will probably freeze over before we win it again.

What is your views?

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