Tuesday, 24 August 2010


For several days, in fact nearer a week I have been having internet connection faults, weird because this happened all of a sudden, I did all the normal checks but nothing worked, so I decided the call my supplier. Like most call Centres dealing with most British companies, this one is in India, now I am not disrespecting the guys in India they do a great job, are very helpful, and do the work a lot cheaper than we would in the UK, however some of the advisor's grasp of English isnt that great, and although most countries even this one lol do not understand My Scottish brogue tongue, in India I think its ten times worse because we are not speaking proper English so you  can imagine the barriers this builds, now I have given all my security answers, to protect my account, we go through the procedure , check the plug in the router, check that its not too near the cordless phone! as signals get distorted, and check that the laptops network is working, now anyone in the UK will tell you, the first thing you are told is to switch the appliance off, leave it for a couple of mins and then restart, this is supposed to eradicate any underlying faults, now I am not an expert of technology by any means but I am pretty familiar with how these things work, but never in all the time I have been dealing with appliances, has turning it off at the mains and on again repaired the faulty item!!

After painstakingly going through the same things as I did on the previous call, this still did not amend the connection, then the advisor said it could be the lan on my laptop? the what I said, he said its the configuration of the laptops networking drivers, right I said, so if that is the case, how come it wasnt doing this before I said? he cleverly said that faults can occur anytime, so I asked him why my daughters laptop did not work from my connection either? again he said my laptops lan could be causing the issue?
I came off the phone 1 hour later still none the wiser.
So I went to update the network drivers at the manufacturers site then reformatted my laptop which I was going to do anyway to clear off all the rubbish and start anew.
Fingers crossed my connection seems fine now, maybe it was something to do with my lan? and it was by freak accident I sorted it, or perhaps it was a fault by my supplier, in any event its working now..


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