Sunday, 15 August 2010


As most of you know I love twitter, its a way of communicating with millions on the net, its a kinda short message msn to me lol, at first I was really annoyed at the amount of people advertising on twitter because for one I always thought it was for talking and not advertising, I soon found myself agreeing with the ads because people have to live and this is probably their way of getting an extra income or indeed their only income.
I have now changed my perception of twitter and how it operates and personally I think its a clever thing.
The thing that is niggling me now isn't the ads but the people who insist on coming on and saying "get 100 followers" by going to some link, magically you could get 100 followers, but my question is why? surely people will follow you on their own merit does it really take a software to bring people to you?

I found through conversing with people, yep that old fashioned method that's how I attract followers, perhaps visiting their blogs and websites they promote does help and why not as possibly they are visiting you so its only fair you do the same.
I find the very idea of visiting a site preposterous to gain followers I think I will stick to the old fashioned method of allowing people to make up their own mind whether or not they want to follow me and not end up with thousands of followers who either have nothing in common with you, or they are personally not interested in what you have to say.
I smile when I see some followers with over 20 thousand people on their lists, how do they keep track of them all?

What are your views?

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