Saturday, 18 September 2010


I Was speaking to a friend I used to work with back in Edinburgh, a lovely lady who would help anyone out, her husband is also a great guy, who would believe that when they went on holiday after working all year that they would return home to find their home Burgled?

Everyone deserves a Holiday, time out from a year of working hard, you save all your pennies , buy new clothes, stock up on the sun tan lotion and get excited about getting a break, then when you come home, the last thing you want is your house burgled and sentimental items stolen.
In a World were money is God and people are genuinely toiling, what makes people want to break into working class family homes?
Back when I was young burglary was hardly heard of, people went to the shops, etc and could leave their front doors open and still find everything ok when they returned, nowadays people are scared to travel in the dark, let alone leave their homes unlocked and that includes windows etc.
In a present climate of unemployment, drugs and alcohol issues it is understandable that desperate measures will entice people to steal, but why steal from people who work hard and save hard for what luxury items they own?
It is not just the fact someone has broken into your home, for some its the fact they will never feel the same in their own home, as if it had been taken over by aliens.
I remember a few years ago I lived with my sister for a while, she and my Brother in-law worked during the day I was between jobs, so I stayed with her, and the very same thing happened to her, she felt unsafe and scared being in the house after that happened and it took her a long time to get over the break in, well when you think of it, its your sanctuary, a place you spend most of your life in, the last thing you need is it being desecrated.
I think it beggars belief how people can become so desperate they will burgle ordinary folks homes to gain money for whatever substance abuse has hold of them or their own greed.
So the message is folks, be security concious, never take a chance, the next time it could be you !!

Have you ever been burgled??

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