Monday, 4 April 2011


As we speak, our goofy Government, hell bent on pissing off the voters have now started their benefit reforms. They have decided to send out letters to every person in the UK who is on E.S.A Employment Support allowance or to the old hands, incapacity benefit. This is a benefit designed for people who cannot work due to ill health, the criteria for the benefit is pretty strict, however so many people are good at manipulating the system making it easy for them to get the benefit, on the positive side with all benefits there are always the genuine people who get this benefit because they ARE ill. Those people need not worry because the system is not designed to make them work providing they get signed off work letters from their GP'S.

The Government is sending ALL E.S.A benefit customers a letter asking them if they "can work" , the thing that tickles me is do they really think someone who is claiming this benefit is going to say "yes" I can work, I have merely been claiming this benefit as it is so easy to get? Get a grip! The system for claiming has never worked for the genuine, it has always worked for people who SHOULD NOT be getting benefits and are as fit as the next man/woman who should be working but will not, as years and years of bad administration allowed all unsundry to claim do they really think they can wave a magic wand and only affect the dodgers?
What is going to happen is, the genuine folks on ESA, will be questioned as to their ability to work and will probably be forced into some job we all know they will never stick because they were ill in the first place hence claiming for ESA.
Then they will once again claim ESA going through the same beaurocracy they had to in the first place to get the benefit?
So millions and millions of pounds on Administration will be spent on more needless forms, so were will the savings be?
I have to admit, they do come up with the craziest ideas , which on paper probably looks good but in reality is a complete waste of tax payers money. So do yourself a favour, leave things as they are, THAT will save money, not your hair brain schemes.

What are your views?

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