Sunday, 15 May 2011


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I am not a fan of the Euro- vision song contest but I like to see my Country doing well, I just got home from work to witness the scoring. This year the ceremony was in Germany, well hosted with a lavish setting it was a spectacular event, however its a bit of a joke when it comes to scoring, each Country voting for its neighbouring Country too scared to vote for the best song regardless of how well it was accepted on the night.
It always makes me laugh, they say the Euro-vision song contest is not political and yet every year without fail politics rears its ugly head in what should be a celebration of a United Europe.
We are all aware Britain is not the most popular Country in the EU, for many reasons, but the one that stands out like a sore thumb is our Politics, and probably the fact we always seem to be Soldiering the Countries oppressed by either dictators or worse.
As a British citizen if it was up to me I would pull all of our troops out of the Countries we help and let them get on with it, let them all fight amongst each other till there is no one or nothing left, Britian gets its thanks in one, when trying to hep these Countries, it is left despised by the very people it tries to help.
They say the Euro-vision song contest is fair, lmao, the only people that call it fair are the same people who vote politically.
It is time everyone realized that it is not the people of Britain who make decisions its the Government, they are the body who should be getting the flack not the citizens.
Congrats to Ireland who did very well, Jedwood are as talented as my left foot, but it proved tonight that you do not have to be talented to enter the euro-vision song contest you just have to be mad.
Britain scored ten times the amount they scored in previous years so I guess thats a bonus, but dont get the champagne out just yet hell will probably freeze over before we win it again.

What is your views?

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