Saturday, 21 May 2011


Having watched "question time " last night I must say I was surprised, it was filmed at Wormwood Scrubs a Prison in England, the audience consisted of Prison staff, prisoners and all kinds of professionals associated with a prison.

Much of the debate centred on Ken Clarke's gaff when he said in error,"quote"  that people convicted of rape should get lighter sentences,he tried in vain several times to convince all the audience it was a slip of the tongue, however those who know how politicians think, know he was probably speaking through his ass as usual.
I admired one of the panellists on question time who said it how it is, she did not crack over facts and in no uncertain terms she let everyone know how she felt, that's how it should be, off course it did not go down well with the audience, however that's tough as sometimes you have to speak plain in order to be listened to.

The main reason for this rant is, that for some weird reason Prisoners think they should be allowed to vote whilst incarcerated , that's like saying people who do not live in this Country should be allowed to vote, well it is a tad different, they have not killed, robbed or kidnapped innocent people.

I think its ludicrous to expect the right to vote after you have committed a crime? were do these do gooders get off even suggesting such an idiotic idea, the whole point of punishment is that you lose ALL rights whilst under sentence and should only be allowed to vote when and if you demonstrate that you have came back to society rehabilitated.

This Country is going mad, next we will be inviting dictators to take up residence here when they get shoved out of their own countries for atrocities, get a grip UK, be real.

What are your views? do you think prisoners should be allowed to vote?

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