Wednesday, 8 June 2011


You have to laugh until you cry, not with some news that made you smile but at news that our present Government have talked about, allowing criminals the right to lesser sentences if they plead guilty? now I know this Country is going mad.
For them to even think about the above is madness let alone putting it into practice?
The whole point of the Law is surely to make an example of the person guilty, off course if proven guilty by the courts, can you imagine a mass murderer getting two years instead of life (15 years) because he pleaded guilty in the first instance? you would call that insanity not madness.
I agree with lesser serious crimes getting lesser sentences because it costs an arm and a leg to put it through courts and naturally that would save some of the tax payers hard earned cash, but for more serious crimes it should be left alone and the maximum sentence given.
It is just another boob this present Government has made even by saying it they are still accountable to the voting Public and should listen to them, after all they voted them in, sadly.
This Country is losing it, whatever will be next?
lets just wait and see..

what are your views? do you agree or disagree?

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