Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Well here we are into week two of the x-factor. The judges seem to be in a World of their own as usual as thousands of potential candidates hit the stage in Liverpool.
I do prefer the live auditions in front of an audience as their reaction is usually far more accurate than the four in front of the "victim" coming on to the stage,I say victim because many of the people who think they can sing and cannot are destroyed in front of the dynamic four, and I agree there were some twats who for some strange reason, in their own World think they have talent until they open their mouth and empty the building.
My fav of the night was the group called "keys" what a great bunch of singers they turned out to be as they played accapello in front of a few thousand onlookers and the judges.
The guy who sang the Eta James song was pretty good, however not likely to get past the second round, well who knows in this competition judging by last years entries he may win lol.
So there is a feud between Olly Murs and Barlow, seemingly Murs said in public that Barlow was never going to be Simon Cowell? he took offence at this and classed it as being disrespectful, erm judges you need to get over yourselves and concentrate on finding a top notch singer, then realise it is not all about YOU.
I will continue watching the x-factor even although I said I wouldn't but being my fav reality show its impossible not to.

What's your opinion about the current judges?

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