Sunday, 21 August 2011


Here we go, all set for another Years worth of X-FACTOR, I was working this evening so I taped the show and watched it when I got home.
I swore I wasn't going to watch the auditions as they always seem to show either the most awful auditions or the very best, there never seems to be any in between.
I do admit I missed the usual gang of Judges, Cowell and Cole were noticeably missed as the new judges made their mark.
I wasn't too impressed with Gary Barlow, whether he was just trying to make an early name for himself, thinking possibly he could take over from were Cowell left, or maybe he thought every audition should be as talented as him, nothing like lighting your own candle it seems.
I always cringe with these so called stars who only made the big time because of the fans, but need reminding now and again that as popular as they are today they can become just as unpopular tomorrow, plus they have to remember they are dealing with peoples lives and although many of the auditions are crap, they need to learn a wee bit diplomacy when dealing with the General Public.
The act who stood out tonight for me was the wee Irish girl who had a voice like an angel, thankfully the judges saw that too, she received a unanimous YES.
The biggest laugh was the Chinese lady who sang and danced like Tina Turner, she amused everyone except Barlow and got through much to his disgust.
I feel this .years X-FACTOR will be a good laugh and so far so good, just as long as they do not forget its the viewing public who decide and not them.

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