Monday, 26 September 2011


I watched the final auditions on Saturday and Sunday and could not believe the people who made it through and the talent let go in a mad decision by the judges.
Every year is the same no matter who is judging the competition, the talent gets the boot and the ultimate numpties get through knowing full well they will never get through in the judges houses.
I watched a lot of singers being told they were not "good enough" yes perhaps they went a bit OTT when performing at Wembley, but the judges did say "stand out" be different and that will stand you in good stead to progress, and it turned out to be utter bullshit.
No offence to the over 20's but why the heck did that woman sprawled all over the piano in her audition ever get through it amazes me, as well as the camp guy who sounded like a squashed mouse in a mangle on his audition. Were the judges on this Planet?
We all know that there is as much chance of Hell freezing over than these people actually reaching the live shows, however they got their place through decent talent getting the boot, why not take all the potential talent through and making it easier to choose the top 12 when the time comes?
The other thing that got my goat this weekend is the childish remarks from the so called mentors who quite clearly said if they did not get the category they wanted they would walk? and yes it as no major surprise to learn they DID get what they wanted!
Do these people not think before they open their gob, and more importantly realise if it was not for us, the General public, x-factor would not exist?
I watched the American version of the x-factor and found it enjoyable, I think because Cowell is in it it makes better viewing, the biggest laugh of the night was when a guy stripped off ,showed his tackle which made one of the judges physically sick to the point she had to leave the stage, Cowell thought it a bit OTT as he usually does but wow she was offended, but hey thats America.. lol.
I can't help to think that Mr Cowell would not have chosen half the folks put through on the UK version if he had been there, but as he is just raking in the milions for the show, would he really care?
It seems British tv is being dominated by the X-Factor most of the week and it is interesting to compare the two.
No expense is ever spared for the lavish backdrops for the judges houses, and while we live in a very tight economy it is interesting to see money is no object for entertainment.

What are YOUR views?

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