Saturday, 22 October 2011


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I watched Panorama the other night, it was about Child Beggars in London, basically children, some under five, physically stopping adults in the street begging for money, under the close scrutiny of an adult almost always a woman.
I was disgusted as this documentary unfolded, children begging for over eight hours a day, stopping people at cash points  visiting Mosques putting themselves in danger by approaching pure strangers for money, then on camera handing it over to the mentors looking after them, the adults themselves were also begging.
What horrified me even more was the fact that they were gathering their ill gotten gains, getting flights back to Romania then returning to their MANSIONS, yes mansions, some of the houses were so big you could house three families at a time.
The reporter cleverly filmed the antics of these people and even visited Romania to see were all the money being collected was going, what a shock to find they were well off people with large BMW.s as well as large houses.
It appears there were lots of raids, an operation the Police had worked on for a few years, many adults were arrested, they scooped millions of pounds in fraudulent benefit claims as well.
I was more surprised at the British public being taken in by the child beggars daily handing over a few pounds here and there to support the very rich back in Romania.
The females dressed in middle Eastern costume and dressed the kids in similar attire to gain money from the Eastern people who always have a charitable attitude towards the less well off , in other words they look after their own, they never questioned the fact that the beggars adult and child were Romanian and not Middle Eastern.
I thought it was against the law in this Country to beg on the streets but apparently these people get away with it and continue to fleece the General Public.
The mere fact that it is child exploitation does not seem to matter to the authorities, even when they are stopped they are let go to do the very same thing the next day.
What is happening in this Country, when ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet, these adult beggars use children to take hard earned cash from us, it is absolutely shocking.
The film also went on to show the viewers that the adult beggars lived in good size houses with expensive cars parked outside, which kicks the ass of the hard pushed worker born and bred in the UK who gets no help from anyone and just has to get on with it.
Britain you need to get a grip it is coming up to the festive season, people do not want intimidated whilst shopping and most importantly if you are in London BEWARE.

What do you think of this affair?

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