Sunday, 6 November 2011


As the heat is turned on, this Year is proving a good one for the x-factor, it seems the talent is there, but the Great British Public seem to be getting it wrong, week by week the talent is getting voted out, while some are staying in, not because they are talented, but because they have reputations which seems to be enthralling the viewers.
Personally I feel young folks Today are given a hard time as it is, and yet watching one of the Younger contestants on the show you wonder why, heavy drinking, brawls, and womanising in the middle of a competition only gives the media all the limelight, and to me it starts to turn crazy.
A couple of this Years contestants are utterly abysmal, they have no talent whatsoever and yet get voted in weekly by the Public?
The whole point of this show is to find the next "recording artist" following in the paths of  JLS and suchlike, they did not win the xfactor but had more success than the actual winner last Year, clean living lads who respected the Public by applying themselves each week , working hard and deserving their fame.
This Year we have had endless pages of bad press covering one of the contestants, accusations of bullying amongst the contestants and ever more bickering of the so called Mentors.
Every year this show gathers a lot of controversy but amongst other things that's what makes it appealing.
We need to remember this is a "talent show" not a boxing match and at the end of the day the guys who work hard and apply themselves should win the x-factor and not the wasters who know they have no chance in hell winning.
The artist of the week as far as I was concerned was" Marcus", he is talented, and able to be flexible with whatever song he is asked to sing, personally if he does not win the x-factor then there is something far wrong.
Its a programme designed to get you going , cheering on your favourite, but so far the good ones are getting kicked out, whilst the chaff remain.
I watched the American version of the x-factor this week, the atmosphere isnt the same, the sound is awful so we should cherish the brilliant version we have in the UK..

 what's your views?

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