Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Once again, as if it couldn't get any worse, we are subjected to yet another Celebrity who thinks he is above the law.
Celebrities would not be who they are or have the status they have without the public, to me they make too much money for little effort and 9 times of of ten they make a complete ass of themselves in the process of their career, sometimes its about drugs, their personal life, or just a way to elevate themselves when work is drying up.
When a member of the public commits a crime they are shat on from a great height which usually ends up with jail or a heavy fine, but when a celebrity breaks the law its viewed as a "mistake" and when they apologise thats usually enough for them to stay out of court.
I would understand if this happened once, as we all make mistakes, afterall we are only human but to commit the same crime 4 or 5 times and expect the World to forgive you then your a bigger fool than you know.

After getting caught, stealing anything you would think the shame would be enough but now it is being viewed as a big joke on all the social platforms including twitter, the jokes are flying around but nobody seems to care  that there was a crime committed and what the implications are.Celebrities are high profile, people look to them as an example on how to behave, so if a fan decides to do as their idol does then the prisons would be overflowing with criminals.

Personally I fee the person involved should have been jailed for committing the same crime 4 times as many ordinary punters would have, however we are living in a crazy World and here in the UK, it has been viewed as a laugh rather than breaking the law.

It just goes to show that if you have money and influence, then you can break the law, but if you are poor and commit the same crime, then expect the full penalty of the law.

Now that's what I call Justice, not.

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