Sunday, 8 July 2012


The scene is set, the court is looking good, everyone is ready for the match of the year, between Britain's number one Andy Murray and Switzerland's Roger Federer.
The whole of the United Kingdom awaits with baited breath as Andy trys to win his first ever Wimbledon championship and the first player in over seventy years to win it for Britain.
The match started off well as Andy won the first set, it appeared he was in full fitness as he scarpered to get every opportunity given to him by his opponent Federer.
After half an hour into the match the dreaded rain started to fall, stopping the game, when Andy was playing at his best.
The referee decided to cover the court and everyone awaited the outcome, whether the roof would be closed or not.
This was a golden opportunity for Federer as he looked tired after only one set played,  Murray was on a roll, and looked good.
After Federer won the second set it was all downhill from there for Murray, Federer played his usual sophisticated match play, slowly but sure Murray was falling behind and eventually lost the final.
I am a firm believer that if the rain break had not happened Murray may have won the match, but like everything else its all ifs and buts.
In a tearful speech Murray indicated he tried his best, and indeed he did, however he was up against an experienced Federer who was undoubtedly the better man of the day.

Well done Murray you did your country proud,  perhaps one day you will take away the trophy at Wimbledon.

At least you were in the final, first British player in a lot of years.

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