Tuesday, 14 August 2012


If like myself you are a Blogger you will have noticed lately that Blogs will NOT load in Internet explorer, it tends to crash the browser causing it to re start.
Internet explorer has always had issues and you would think that in the latest update (IE9) all issues would have been "ironed out" alas no.
Being a Blogger I depend on visitors to read my work, however readers are being put off because the blog does not load and in some cases it causes the readers pc to crash which is a major put off.
I have trailed the internet to try and get a solution for this bloody nuisance, all websites point to the same solution which is to ditch Microsoft Internet Explorer for a more stable Browser for example Chrome or firefox.
Thousands of Bloggers have written to google to try and get a solution but like many organisations they take forever to answer the queries.
I even went as far as to uninstall IE9 and step back to IE8 but it was exactly the same.
If indeed you have tried to access my blogs on Internet Explorer I can only apologize  for the inconvenience and hope that it is resolved soon.
In the meantime you can still access the blogs via chrome, firefox or safari until there is a fix.
Your visits are very important to me and I suppose the millions of bloggers as well.

Thanks for reading.

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