Thursday, 10 January 2013


I recently bought a new laptop and was dreading a new windows platform, having being used to Vista for a few years I found it did exactly what was required and was a pretty stable system.
I probably never used the features to full capacity as lets face it who knows everything about Windows, Microsoft tell you the basics but never the tweaks, that you have to learn from websites or software.

Windows Vista served its purpose as did xp,windows 95, 98 so on so on. Each new platform of Windows had its own uses and flaws,

Of the three Years I was running Vista I enjoyed the many things you could do with it especially when it came to music, pictures etc, it was made easy by windows in my view.

After glaring at my new laptop for a few mins before ripping the box open like a school child excited to see what was inside I was pleasantly surprised.

Opening the new laptop I was a bit dubious as to what to expect, when I opened the lid I was pleasantly surprised by the speed in which it loaded. The new windows took about 5 mins to load my personal settings and then boot up to the home screen were you are greeted with a nice picture before proceeding to the log in page.

After all the Security had loaded, the pre installed software came alive I was presented by an apps screen,
within 10 minutes or so I was able to set up my mail, and  get onto my social sites at the press of a button.

I give this platform a huge thumbs up as the more you operate it the easier it gets, the smooth interface is simply brilliant as are the opportunities to work with apps and there are thousands of them and better still they are free.

I personally think this is the best operating system so far by Microsoft ,gone are the lengthy boot ups and gone are the long shut downs, it is now a mere touch of a button to close windows in seconds.

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